Thank You Country Living

Its been a very busy time here in Kinderhook. I have been working on my book, gardening and had several photo shoots. 
So a long overdue thank you is owed to Country Living Magazine for including my garden in their special gardening section. If you haven’t seen the section yet it is really great and full of useful tips and inspiration just in time for spring. Many thanks CL. 

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EAC said...

Every time I see the "shed" in your garden posted somewhere it makes me want to throw the snowblower, lawnmower, and all the other equipment back into the garage, and make a nice little garden retreat out of our shed.

The Devine Life said...

You should make the change. You'll enjoy the space much more and its a fun creative outlet!

pretty pink tulips said...

Will definitely check it out, Michael!

Can't wait to see the results of your photo shoots...and that BOOK!!!

xoxo Elizabeth

The Devine Life said...

Thanks for stopping by- hope to see you in the country this summer!

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