Thanks House Beautiful

Thanks House Beautiful for including my favorite place to nap in the June issue!

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5th and State said...

congrats michael, it looks divine indeed. just picked up my issue, can't wait to see

The Devine Life said...

Thanks for check in! Its a great issue!

pretty pink tulips said...

I loved it when I opened my issue and saw your name!!! In fact, I was at Blogfest and I wonder if your ears were burning. Check out the online site I met the owner, Ted, at the conference and absolutely adore him. He's also working on a book - lifestyle....and I think the two of you would really appreciate the other's work.

Hope all is well in your "divine" corner of the world!
xoxo Elizabeth

suzanne spina said...

I like your new profile photo. What's better than a comfy sofa on a lazy Sunday? Congrat!
Suzanne in CT.

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