Charlotte and James

As fate would have it two dear and very stylish friends decided to blog about my fabrics at the same time. Charlotte Moss did a wonderful post on her name sake fabric “Charlotte” for her Tete a Tete blog. I am so excited that she loves the fabric so much she made a smashing coat out of it!

While last weekend James Andrew of What’s James Wearing came for lunch in the garden with his partner Scott McBee. It was a wonderful relaxing afternoon. I am really looking forward to them coming back this fall for a weekend of fun country activities!

Check out their fun posts here.

Charlotte wearing Charlotte in Absinthe on Tete a Tete.

Dapper as always, James in the garden. Image from What’s James Wearing.

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katiedid said...

I agree with Charlotte! I wouldn't mind a coat out of this very pretty fabric either!

The Devine Life said...

I know its so chic. But then again that's so Charlotte.

Suzanne said...

Fun! Love that picture of James in your garden...

What did you cook for dinner for them?

The Devine Life said...

It was so much fun. I am really into garden lunches this year.I made Gaspacho de Tomates et Poivrons aux des de Chevre au Basilic to start, the main was a salmon and leek tart with a green salad. Desert was an amazing Raspberry Bavois.

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