One Last Look

We raced to prepare for Irene, I took a few parting shots of this years garden. Hopefully it will weather the storm with minimal damage and loss. 

Still looking splendid even without the urn of Plumbago, which, along with all the other potted plants and small tables will ride the storm out in the bagatelle. 

The seating area we have hosted so many fun parties is ready for the storm. 

Not knowing what the storm will do to the plants, I picked a bouquet of herbs for cooking. Just the basics, mints for teas, basil, lavender and summer savory, can’t do without those for long.

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vignette design said...

Your herb bouquet in the majolica pitcher is perfection!
Hope you did ok with Irene...

quintessence said...

I hope your garden weathered the storm well since it looked just lovely before!! We got slammed here in CT. We were without power and water for 5 long days!! It was truly tiresome. Hoping you fared better!!

The Devine Life said...

We were really lucky. No damage to report.

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