The Peak of Chic comes to Gramercy Park

Jennifer Dwyer of The Peak of Chic fame was in town last week. Thomas and I invited her for drinks on Gramercy, where at long last we had the pleasure of meeting this great blogger.
She is  every bit the Peak of Chic, as well as, the quintessential lady through and through. She delighted us with her tales of buying couture in Europe and the shocking  tariffs that come with it and what life down south is like. We had to dash to catch a train ( I had to start to prep for a hospital benefit the following Saturday where I cooked for 70 guests) so sadly our time was limited, but I can't wait to get on her calendar for the next time she is in town.

Jennifer Dwyer and Thomas in our apartment 

On the topic of chic woman, there is a new biography on the iconic 20th century French interior designer and retailer Madeleine Castaing. From the little I have had time to read of it, the book promises to be a page turner. 
Note: As far as I know it's still only available in french. Don't despair, Proust didn't write this. It is not a daunting read.

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Pink Wallpaper said...

wow!! i can't believe you are blogging!! ummm- love your fabrics!!

ALL THE BEST said...

Oh I would love to read it, but you know what my French is like! LOL!!

How much fun to finally meet Jennifer in person. I do hope my path will cross with hers in the near future!

The Peak of Chic said...

OMG! I had so much fun meeting you and Thomas! You two are the BEST, and so is your apartment. Tres chic! Yes, can't wait to see you both soon!

The Devine Life said...

Everybody should meet Jennifer- she is just beyond fab.

Pigtown-Design said...

Jennifer is a true lady, through and through. I am hoping to be lucky enough to meet her at some point.

Mélanie said...

I would love to meet her. The blogosphere is such a little word.
Madeleine Castaing is a wonderful book . She was an icon. I dream to be a new M. Castaing but it is still a dream even if before knowing all about her , my shop is a little " salon " where we drink tea , we talk about old painting and we sell antiques and curtains

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