Carrot Apple Soup

Fall is the start of soup season in our house. There really isn’t anything as comforting as a warm bowl of soup on a chilly day. I made this delicious soup with heirloom carrots that I grew in the garden, but regular carrots will work as long as they are flavorful.  The apple compliments the carrots with its sweetness and adds to the fragrance of the soup. I served mine with toasted slivered almonds for added texture which were dusted with paprika. Bon Appetit.

The Carrot Apple Soup served in a Charlotte soup plate paired with the Thomas dinner plate, from my collection by Marie Daage, makes a colorful start for a fall dinner.

Carrot Apple Soup
2 tablespoons butter
1 medium onion peeled and chopped
1 pound heirloom carrots in a range of colors, peeled and finely sliced
1 medium apple peeled, cored and diced
4 cups of chicken stock
Salt and white pepper to taste

In a large saucepan melt the butter over medium heat. Add onions and carrots and cook until soft but not brown. About 5-7 minutes. Add the diced apple and continue to cook another 3 minutes or until the apple is softened. Pour in the stock and bring to a boil. Salt and pepper to taste. Reduce heat and simmer 20 minutes over low heat.
Remove from heat and let cool. Puree the mixture in a blender until smooth. Reheat and serve.
Serves 6. 

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