The Scent of Spring

No matter what winter weather might be happening outside, one first sure sign that spring is fast approaching is when my Meyer Lemon tree blooms. The tree’s beautiful white blossoms and rich scent makes even the coldest snowiest day less miserable.

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Paper Heart Girl said...

Ah yes, a lovely reminder that Spring is never really that far away.... xxx

Ideezine said...


How true I have had a Meyer Lemon Tree in my garden for several years now and the blossoms are just appearing as well. They do smell heavenly and I cut a couple and bring them indoors and float them in small vases.

Between the smell of baking, blossoms, and coffee they create a symphony of spring scents indoor delights.


Francine Gardner said...

In lieu of such a fragrant tree, I am burning a wonderful Christian Tortu lilac scented candles...desperately trying to bring Spring in the house

Karena said...

Michael, so ready for springtime. Nothing is quite ready to bloom here yet! The Meyer Lemon's sound wonderful!

I have a great offering and interviewon my site!
Art by Karena

designchic said...

It's gorgeous...I can almost smell the delicious scent!!

The Devine Life said...

The tree is great, not only for the smell, the flowers last for a longtime.

Design Elements said...

beautiful reminder!

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