The Chicago Trip

I just returned from a wonderful trip to my homeland, Illinois. I spent two days in Chicago at the Holland & Sherry showroom and then the weekend with family. It has been about six years since I last visited the Windy City. What a difference.
The design and plantings throughout the city are spectacular. The piece de la resistance for me was The Lurie Garden in Millennium Park. It is a marvel. It is like  stepping into the open prairie from Chicago.

It  was designed by Piet Oudolf and Robert Isreal with 250 varieties of perennials native to midwestern prairies in the planting scheme of the space.  What a relief it is from the very urban environment of the city. In the background is the new Modern Wing designed by Renzo Piano which just opened May 16th, 2009 at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Since it is not a botanical garden, there are no signs indicating what the plants are. I found this to be a drawback because I wanted to be certain what the plants were instead of  guessing. 

Then there were the white peonies. Huge waves of them. Spectacular.

I didn’t try this because I was racing to Branca to go shopping, but there is even a respite for the weary.
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Michelle said...

We (husband, 2 toddlers and I) were in Millenium Park yesterday (6/14) also! Summer FINALLY arrived in Chicago. My favorite was also the Lurie Garden which I didn't have time to fully appreciate with the kids in tow, but I just stood there thinking how it looked like a living sculpture, a true work of art. Your pictures are great, but in person, the garden is even more amazing. Thanks for sharing!

The Devine Life said...

It really is amazing that's it right downtown and still seems a world a way.

Ideezine said...

Great greetings for summer and I feel lucky that you've shared with us. What great snaps, simply breath taking!


Sippity Sup said...

I love that your photos and (what I have been able to discern about) your design sensibilities are so well aligned. Bold graphics. Simple combinations. And a touch of the unexpected! GREG

Alicia said...

No labels is cruel. I'd be the one at the nursery trying to convince the landscaper to please help me.
Gratitude for sharing.

The Devine Life said...

The garden is amazing, but the lack of labels was a real distraction. It's too bad they don't have docents for the visitors.

Anonymous said...


I've never commented here before but I wanted to say the en masse plantings are beautiful that you posted for us to see.

Thought you might enjoy a book I keep at MY bedside table, "A Treasury of Gardening", by Publications International, Illinois. All varieties are identified and classified along with photos.


The Devine Life said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I also think the park should start selling them, to help their visitors.

pve design said...

I am booked for Chicago to illustrate a wedding and I would love to know where you stayed. I would barter artwork for lodging!

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