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I have been obsessed with the newest addition to my library, The Cultivated Life. The book is wonderfully illustrated and written by Jean-Philippe Delhomme. It captures the essence of the conflicts and reasoning of the decorating, art and literary worlds that we travel in or hope to travel in.
For those that aren’t aware of Delhomme’s work, he is a French illustrator whos work is regularly used by Barneys New York and Sabb. He is also responsible for the corporate identity of The Mark Hotel. Ergo, one presumes the observations must come from his vast experience of working with the many types of personalities that create and support the design world.
It is published by Rizzoli, of course.
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Meade Design Group said...

I am definitely going to check this book out.

The Devine Life said...

It's s great book, a lot of fun.

The Devine Life said...
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