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It is always amazing to me the number of really great and talented people who blog for the sheer pleasure of expressing themselves. Tobi Fairley is an example of this. She is a great designer from Arkansas and also has time to write a terrific blog  She recently did a charming post on my fabric collection.The other day I was in Barnes and Nobles looking at the magazines and spied South African House & Garden. What a thrill I had while flipping through it and seeing one my fabrics used in a spread. It's actually the same shot that British House and Garden used last fall, but none the less it was really cool to see Sutton in a South African publication!

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Tobi Fairley said...

So fun to find your little mention of me today! I am at the Viceroy in LA and just popped online to see what I was missing and found this treat on your blog! Thanks Michael and congrats on all your successes!

The Devine Life said...

Thank you for writing about me and thank Ronda for introducing us! Have a great time tonight! We did.

Anonymous said...

Being out of the loop and having only recently found your website and faling for the fabric I have one question. Is Sutton the one on the stool or the chaise/bench? I am particularly enchanted by the one on the stool. For my area suits the tropical/ethnic feel.

The Devine Life said...


It's the big pillow square pillow on the chaise.
all the best Michael

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