Spring is in the Air

Winters grip seems to be loosening in upstate New York and the promise of Spring has had me busy starting the seedlings for this years garden.
Trying to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, I have opted to use almost exclusively heirloom seeds this year. Of course, now that the seeds have arrived it looks like a I ordered enough to plant the potager at Villandry, but my carefully planned garden layout assures me that everything will have a home. As long as I stop the impulse buying.
So far this season I have started two types of leeks, five varieties of tomatoes, artichokes (an experiment), eggplants (a free packet that came with one of the orders), celery, pansies, two types of blue salvia, white marigolds, summer savory and nettles. It has only just begun!
I am even trying my hand at making the starter pots from old newspapers, which can be dropped in the ground plant and all.
I think Heritage Creek Seeds is going to put me on their holiday card list this year. The catalog proved so tempting that I ordered the majority of seeds from them. What I didn’t expect was how beautiful the seed packets were going to be, or the very detailed instructions.
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GardenDesigner said...

oh you are So Right! I ordered So many seeds this year! (My list is on my blog) every year I say I am not going to do seeds, because I can buy the plants that look so good wholesale... But I have ordered a a thousand at least! You made me laugh, because now I dont feel so Bad!

The Rhinestone Contessa

The Devine Life said...

I know you are right plants are so easy. In this area of the world it is almost impossible to find the rare heirloom varieties. As it is the Teton de Venus tomato seeds had to come from Canada.

Meade Design Group said...

I wish I had a garden. But I am lucky that the city where I live is called the garden city, so at least I can enjoy the work of others.

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