Michael Devine Signature Collection

In spite of the miserable weather this summer, it has been a really great time to focus on the concept of a Michael Devine Signature Collection. So as it happened, one day the phone rang from someone who could do frames and other things.... So I sent some fabrics on trial and voila the results are beautiful. 
The quality is great and it's made in America (food miles- how about product miles?). So here is the first endeavor. The great thing is I can use any of the fabrics from my collection and do custom pieces! Over the next few months we will be adding baby books, desk blotters, waste baskets, tissue box covers and many other useful items. 

Frames in Dottie Lemon- how fun are these?
The guestbook- something every house or event should have.
Wouldn't Tippi Hendren want these on her desk?
A handy 4" x 6" photo album for  honeymoon pics or grandkids photos?
Of course the large album has wedding and summer vacation written all over it.
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The Peak of Chic said...

Great job Michael!!!! These are fabulous. I can't wait to outfit my home with some of these items.

Freddy Victoria said...

They look great Michael!

ALL THE BEST said...

Love it Michael!!!

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