Dreaming of Summer

Oh for the glories of summer, hot weather and bright relentless cheerful sunshine. Such were my dreams for this summer during the Ethan Frome days of February and March. Alas, it has rained almost everyday at least once a day since June. Today was a particularly fun day, since the roof sprung a leak (never mind the totally gut renovation that we did - whoops forgot the roof- hate when that happens). Our very handy, handyman Mr. Sal came right over when the rain briefly stopped and put a tarp on the roof to stop the leak. Of course where was the leak? Directly over the bed, thanks to Mr. Sal I don't have to sleep with a bucket next to me. Don't even ask about what a new roof cost these days. 
So my dreams of summer continue. Appeased by the glories of the June blooms of my  Pierre de Ronsard roses that covered one side of the garden fence in June and the brave morning glories that are blooming now.  

The early summer wall of beauty.

Pierre up close.

Inspired by Fantin- Latour at dinner one night.

Currently on display, a wall of Morning Glories.

These are really called Heavenly Blue Morning Glories, well named I think. 

The psychedelic GrandpaOttis Morning Glory.
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Oliveaux said...

Love your roses!! I am also dreaming of summer - it has been cold here and I cannot wait until the warm weather arrives!

The Peak of Chic said...

What beautiful inspiration for the day! Please send the wet weather my direction. We will gladly take it off of your hands!

The Devine Life said...

You can so have it. When it's not raining it's getting ready to so it's gray. Ugh. Please send me your weather.

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