PM Winebar

The one amenity that has been lacking in upstate life, has until recently been a chic place to meet friends for a drink. No more. PM Wine Bar has opened in Hudson. The decor is simple stylish country and the wine list offers something for every occasion. They also do an amazing selection of Tapas for those who want to nibble. It has quickly gained a steady clientele of both city and local residents that only adds to its charm. 

PM Wine Bar at 119 Warren Street

The proud owners Mario Pollan and Kevin Moran

The welcoming bar area.

The dining room is small, but he group table is a lot of fun with the right mix of people. 
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Rachel said...

My husband and I love this place.
Aside from the cozy warm ambiance, we love the sultry latin/bassanova sounds. It's so refreshing to go to a bar/lounge and not have to listen to blues, or country music. Plus the crowd seems to be quiet and sophisticated. That's very important.

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