Traditional Home Magazine Design in Bloom

Traditional Home Magazine hosted it's Fourth Annual, Design in Bloom event, which celebrates fresh design. The sleek McGuire showroom in the New York Design Center was the evenings setting. Ann Omvig Maine, the editor in chief of Tradional Home was chatting about her own building project, a very dreamy sounding lakehouse- or it will be when the contractor leaves. Design duo to the stars, Matthew White and Frank Webb were still glowing from the swell response to their room in Kips Bay this year. While Sabine Rothman, formerly of House & Garden, is having a great time in her new position at Traditional Home as Senior Design & Markets Editor. 
As if catching up with everyone wasn't enough fun - James Druckman and Valerie Moran hosted a pig roast in the Grange showroom post party.

Ann Omvig Maine 

Elizabeth Blitzer of Susan Becher 

Matthew White and Frank Webb

Leah Blank of the New York Design Center

Valeris Moran of Grange

James Drckman and Karen Rowe at Grange

A girl for all seasons designer Elaine Griffin

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I am so glad you started this blog Michael!!
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Great inaugural post, Michael! Welcome to the world of blogging!

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This was a fun first post. I really love Matthew White's super fresh style on your picture!

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Welcome to the neighborhood - It's generally a friendly crowd.

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Michael, love the blog! Can't wait for your road trip to Scranton for sure. Best of luck with it.

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