A Flair for Living

A Flair for Living, the newest oeuvre of super designer Charlotte Moss was launched last week at Moss' swank Manhattan store, The Townhouse. The book signing was a smashing success, with an endless line of devotees lined up throughout the entire evening to wait for the pen of Moss to sign their copy of the book. 
When not on line for the signing, the third floor library seemed to be the place to be with Stephen Drucker, Joan Watkins of Zoffany and man about town Robert Ruffino and his date Naz Tesfit and many others hanging out.

Charlotte Moss

Faycal Karoui Music Director of the New York City Ballet

Margaret Russell of Elle Decor

Jewerly Designer Mish Tworkowski 

Stephen Drucker of House Beautiful

Roby Hasty of Brunschwig & Fils

Designer Kristen McGinnis

Susie Maggard of Charlotte Moss

Please check back tomorrow for a look a some of the exquisite new products at 
The Townhouse.
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ALL THE BEST said...

Can't wait for my book to arrive. Looks as though it was a fab evening!! Of course it was, it Charlotte Moss and look at the company!

The Devine Life said...

It was so much fun-- everybody was there! The book is amazing- so insightful.

The Peak of Chic said...

Boy were you lucky! Looks like a great time was had by all. So sad I couldn't make it, but at least I have her beautiful book! Ronda, hope you get yours soon.

The Devine Life said...

You did miss a fun night. The store was so decked out- great masses of flowers everywhere.

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