The Splendid Townhouse

The beauty and wonder of it all, what else could it be? The Townhouse. Charlotte Moss has given the world a new place to go and find the comfort that Holly Golightly used to find only at Tiffany's. The biggest difference is one can walk out of The Townhouse avec shopping bags. We shot a few of what I considered the seasons must haves at Charlotte's book signing party the other night. 

Orange and green as only Charlotte Moss can do it.

I have never seen a nature mort tableau that I could resist, this dinnerware is beyond all.

Everyone needs a chic doorstop.

Matthew Kowles showing off the seasons must have footwear.

The Ikat sling backs that many well dressed woman will be wearing on Park Avenue.

Coral and turquoise are like gin and tonic - a match made for summer.

Photos by Kyle Ericksen
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ALL THE BEST said...

Do like those shoes!!

diana @ please sir said...

Love the doorstop!

The Devine Life said...

It's all too beautiful and it's impossible to decide what to buy.

Mélanie said...

I love these ikat shoes and the turquoise and coral "tunique" look fabulous

Anonymous said...

Can I order any of these clohtes online from Charlotte Moss?

The Devine Life said...

You can try or
All the best M

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