A Country Luncheon

The start of the weekend summer party season is well underway, the invitations are pouring in.
Memorial Day weekend started at Crow Hill, the country house of John Knott and John Fondas of Quadrille Fabrics. Then it was off to noted editor Larry Ashmeads place on the Hudson for drinks and to end the day in the hills at art expert Katharine Carters for a casual dinner and bonfire- what fun it was, and it's just the beginning.

John Knott in the dining room.

Designer Frank Faulkner

The unforgetably elegant Jean Haylett

Mr & Mrs William Better, he is the attorney to have.

Our neighboor,  author Amanda Foreman, whose biography of Georgianna, Duchess of Devonshire is going to soon be released as a new film, The Duchess. 

Author John Berendt 

Crow Hill itself.

A country view from the house.
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ALL THE BEST said...

The photos look great Michael! What a wonderful house and that chandelier looks amazing!

The Peak of Chic said...

First, is that an FP Victoria etagere in John Knott's dining room? I've always wanted that piece! And I LOVED Foreman's book on Georgianna(and of course John Berendt's last two as well!).

Charlie said...

I am getting homesick...love all of your pictures..it's like you are bringing me a little bit of home every day!

Thank you!

The Devine Life said...

It was a great lunch - and the house is beyond.

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