The 20th annual New York International Contemporary Furniture Fair, is a show that offers the best in modern design. It was recently held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York. Since I am more into Chinoiserie than laser cut steel, even I found some wonderful pieces that I would like to own.
New Growth custom fixtures, designed by Christopher Poehlman, are so beautiful and simple I almost ordered one on the spot.

Laminated fabric tables from Glimmer Glass Furniture made me think of a certain fabric line that would look good on these.

This laser cut steel table in a fretwork pattern from Jason Champion, is available in an array of colors that make it the perfect table for summer dining. 

The pink vanity from Duc Duc, because the color is too much fun. 

One persons trash is another persons treasure, just fill the chair form with recyclables and it becomes instant seating, from Demarconia
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ALL THE BEST said...

Oh, I do like the fretwork table in yellow! Very summery!!mhtbn

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