Lilac Brunch

My obsession with Lilacs continues with this post, I just can't get enough of them when they are in bloom. One of the pleasures of being up in the country is seeing random groups of massive lilac bushes alongside the road. It's a pretty wonderful sight, their range of purple flowers set off by the clear blue sky and dark green leaves with the mountains in the distance, breath taking.
This Spring didn't only bring the lilacs it also brought me a miserable cold that won't go away. So to make it easy on myself, this weeks post is from my book An Invitation to the Garden. 
A lush centerpiece of lilacs filled the table.

The prefab garden building was made by the Amish and serves as a pretty great outdoor dining room. It's been a lot of fun over the years to decorate and change out. Since its only light source is candle light there is a real sense of stepping out of time when seated with friends around the table.  

Our outdoor dining room tented in my Garden Folly fabric is the
setting for many fun meals with friends. 
The painted floor that I designed was interpreted from brickwork patterns which I painted on the floor in a dark green and white combination. It's very gratifying to paint a floor and a bit of a challenge at the same time. I think everyone should give it try.

Lilacs blooming in the garden.
The great thing about lilac bushes is they are pretty much carefree once planted. A clip here and there to keep the shape but otherwise they are happy on their own.

Lilac water in a William Yoeward pitcher.
Lilac flavored water is great to serve and an unexpected surprise. Its easy to do just add a few flowers to the water a few hours before, let stand and serve chilled. 

Mottahedeh monkeys played in the flowers.

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