The Gaden in Early Winter

As the days shorten and the nights get colder, the garden takes on another dimension. The colorful spectacle of the summer is gone. As December closes in, it has been replaced by the discreet blues, purples and greens of the winter garden.  Leeks, brassicas, lettuces and root vegetables are the stars of winter, with pansies playing the supporting role of flower of the season.

What winter garden is without glass cloches to extend the season? This one covers spinach with the cold hardy cabbage in the background.

 Rows of leeks waiting to be made into rich hearty winter  meals.

The delicate looking pansy, snuggled between  the purple kale and winter lettuce.
Since the pansies in the garden are now well established, I can look forward to their return next spring. 
 The raspberries are a long way from their season high, but still add great beauty and color the garden.

Lastly, my favorite winter treat baby Brussel Sprouts. 
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Suzanne said...

could have used one of your cabbages for my borscht I am making for dinner tonight fresh from the garden! Hope you guys are well.

The Devine Life said...

Oh too bad- you'll have to try to grow them next year!

Jeane M. said...

Yes this is the time of the year to farewell to some of this goodies. Looking forward planting them the next year. Warm hugs from here. XO Got my eye on your next posts.

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