Les Moulins de Versailles

Since starting to work on my book, all things food related have a much keener interest for me now. Bread is the one area that I have dabbled in, but in the interest of expanding my knowledge base I was fascinated to hear about Les Moulins de Versailles. A company that produces some of the finest artisanal flour in France right in Versailles.

Located in the town of Versailles, not far from the famous chateau, I had to visit it during my weekend there. In fact it was the first stop the morning I arrived. It’s a really cute boutique that sells their own flour and everything a boulanger would need for bread making. The business has been in Versailles since 1905 and was founded by the Chaude family who still run it today.   

They sell not only flour, but bread mixes as well. I couldn’t resist the temptation to try a few when I got home. So I bought, the Pain des epices, Pain de campagne and the Pain d’automne. Those purchases along with a couple of others required much discussion about the weight of my bag at the Air France check in when I was leaving.  

The delightful boutique.

Now of course I wish I would have bought the red apron. Next time.

My success with the Pain d’automne, a delicious hazelnut flavored bread that is great for breakfast. It was so easy to make just add yeast and water,knead, let rise and bake. 

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pretty pink tulips said...

So fun to see your name pop up in my comments today! Welcome back from Paris, you lucky fellow!!! Hope all is coming along well with your book!!!

Love your winter header...I, too, am waiting for Spring!
~ Elizabeth

The Devine Life said...

Its eciting to be back- so many new projects to work on from Paris- Book is coming along- could use about of foot of snow!

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