A Kinderhook Classic

My friend Linda Heard has a charming shop, Lindowen’s American Country, in Kinderhook that specializes in beautifully edited American country antiques so long its considered a classic. Her eye is unfailing and she brings a wonderful warm sophistication to a style that I think can be overwhelming in less discerning hands. 
During the time that I have gotten to know her and her husband Owen, I always imagined that their home above the shop was as charming as her retail space. It’s a real treat to share some images form the September issue of Country Sampler features an eight page story on her home.

The walls of the home are painted by noted artist Coral Endres, who is also the previous owner of the house. Linda also has her own beautiful collection of hand woven wool fabrics. The colors are wonderful and have a great hand.

 A detail shot, I am crazy for the portrait.

The article even has a list of Linda’s five tips to recreate her style.
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Mrs. Châtelaine (in Paris) said...

Hey wall paintings are incredible! I'm googling her right now!


Jennings and Gates said...

Thanks so much for this post! Great article.

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