How My Garden Grows

This summers garden is growing like gangbusters. Everything is thick, lush and very bountiful making it a real treat. The flowers have been as rewarding as the fruits and vegetables. There’s a daily supply of Cornflowers, Zinnias, Delphiniums, Victoria Salvia and Cosmos to be had. Here are a few snaps of what my idea of a summer paradise looks like these days.

Nasturtiums in the foreground to grapevines covering the roof of the bagatelle in the background, everything has gone wild.

Plumbago has taken center stage this year in the urn. I am crazy for its cool blue.

The big change this year. The new fencing panels for the beds. The willow fencing after five years needed to be replaced. So we found these fantastic woven fence panels that are much easier to install than rolled fencing.

Victoria Blue Salvia shot against the blue green leaves of the Brussel sprouts. The color combination is really beautiful.
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Francine Gardner said...

love your garden and the willow fences.I cannot keep up with my garden either! Went for glamorous for Estera's wedding yesterday, to garden gloves and weeding.

The Devine Life said...

It really nevers ends. There is always something to do.

pve design said...

and how! love your garden and the muted blue color palette.

Rose Red said...

you sure have a colorful garden, love it, makes me smile on this grey day

Tabby Tiger said...

Wow! I am amazed with those willow fences. I might also do that on my garden someday. Actually my garden is not really doing well right now but I am inspired with your garden. I know I can make my garden as perfect as yours someday.:)

Piano Toy said...

Hi! Your garden is great! I wish to have some of those plants planted in my garden because they are beautiful. Thanks for touring us in your garden!

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