Garden & Gun Comes to NYC

Recently, the New York showroom of The New Traditionalists was the setting for the very fun Southern Style Social they co hosted with the lux lifestyle magazine Garden & Gun. More than a few noteworthy New York design types were there, including John Robshaw, Richard & Elaine Wrightman, Temo Calahan, Tori Mellot, Ashley Stark, James Druckman, John Tiffany and Richard Keith Langham.

Philip Erdoes, CEO, The New Traditionalists and Walker Mason of Garden & Gun

Katherine Hable Sweeny of Hable Construction and Haskell Harris 

Designer/Blogger Brad Ford and Architect Joel Barkley
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pretty pink tulips said...

I had never heard of Garden and Gun until a few months all sorts of fun people are turning up in it!
~ Elizabeth

mydesignchic said...

As a Southerner, I'm a big fan of Garden and Gun...such a great magazine!!

The Devine Life said...

It is a great magazine! I heard of it a few years ago and am an avid fan now.

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