Rose's New Home

The stunning brand new store of Rose Tarlow Melrose House is the hot new must see store when in Los Angeles. The two story light filled space is the perfect venue to showcase Tarlow’s signature style. 

When I was there last friday afternoon, the place was buzzing. Tarlow and her staff were still installing the store while workmen were sanding walls and hanging fixtures. I even had the great treat to meet the legend herself!

The elegant facade of the Melrose Avenue store.

The airy open space of the main gallery as seen from the second floor.

I love the subtlety of the colors and the melange of textures in this vignette. 

A view of the second floor fabric gallery.

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Faith Sheridan said...

Thanks for the share... a must see on my next visit to LA.

Ideezine said...


I've been to the her prior store. Anxious to see the new space as well.
Add to must see visit list -- check!



The Devine Life said...

It is a must see- it even has valet parking. How cool is that?

pve design said...

...a rose is a rose! Looks very tranquil.

style chronicle said...

I do love Rose Tarlow fabric, almost as much as I love yours. Will have to visit next time I am in LA.

The Devine Life said...

I love her fabrics too. The store is well worth the trip.

Kristopher K said...

Id love it if this wonderful looking store was in Australia :)

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