My Own Ode to Domino

I really feel the need to chime in on the unfortunate demise of Domino. I am really sick over the decision of Conde Nast to close it. What are they thinking? The world has ended? Do the egos know that markets come back and if you have a good product you stick with it. As one of my icons, Margaret Thatcher would say, "don't go wobbly on me now."
Domino was really one of the best magazines for chic, hip and affordable style, because they showed people how to do it. 
As some may  know, I was featured in the December / January '08 issue.
They had taken the exclusive of the project sight unseen, in fact I still hadn't seen it, because we ended up rebuilding the building. The stress of having promised Domino a shoot and getting the curtains made and the details on time, was almost unbearable. 
When the two day shoot came I had the enormous pleasure of working with one of the best, Tori Mellot. I have known Tori for years socially, so I was more than surprised when she walked through the door and ran the shot like a drill sargent in Chanel. She has a great eye and is simply amazing to work with and like so many other of my editor friends should have a job.

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Meade Design Group said...

I agree! It is a shame Domino is gone.

Your House and Life said...

Michael, I completely agree! Just revisited some old Dominos and caught your apartment and shop again. Love it! I have to get those little salt and pepper cellars when I come to visit.

The Devine Life said...

And the news only goes from bad to worse from Conde. What's next?

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