Spring has Sprung

There still may be much snow on the ground here, but in my gardeners mind it has been Spring since the first catalog arrived in mid December. I have already spent way too many hours with graphpaper and pencils in one hand and catalogs in the other. 
My small garden attempts to be a four season garden. With proper planning, I have found that even in the rigorous winter weather of the Northeast there is always a selection of produce to be harvested. I plant a spectrum of seasonal varieties, the tenderest spring lettuces to the most winter hardy leeks, brussel sprouts and maches, along with herbs, flowers, and various fruit trees and plants that will produce over a full year.
This year I am mad for Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. My order goes on for over a page, I was very influenced by the scope of varieties, the descriptions and the beautiful photography. Harris Seed is my choice for garden suppiles and products. Turtle Tree Seed is a local organic seed company that is one of the few to offer nettle seeds. More on the importance of nettles this summer.
An edited selection of some of my favorite sources.
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Kristen said...

OMG! Nettles-I was about 12 when we moved to CT-in the middle of winter-that spring my mother saw a "wonderful" patch of "strawberries" in the garden. So she decided that she and I should transplant them.... we had one garden glove between us.. need I say more! We had the best nettle patch around. To this day I will never forget that day digging in the garden with my mom.

The Devine Life said...

That is so funny - how I long for your "strawberry patch"!

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