Putting it Together

As an observer, I love the magic of shows, especially Maison et Objet, which in my opinion is the summit of chic. The marvel of viewing stand after beautiful stand, filled with so many desirable things creatively displayed is breath taking. The process of putting it together for a small company, is truly nothing short of a labor of love and passion. The din of saws sawing, hammers banging and  fork lifts lifting can be a bit overwhelming, as can the severe lack of heat. 
However, the show does a great job of editing who is accepted to show and it really is a wonderful privilege for a company of any size to be there.
In Paris no less, which not always the easiest of places to get things done. 
Our dear little stand in the most wonderful location, on a corner across from the Paola Novano designed cafe! The Editeurs section of the show was put in a tent this year. Which was Arctic during set up, we have never been so frozen. 
Carolina and Thomas measuring the walls for the placement of the fabrics. Thomas is a whiz at all things detailed. Carolina and I fall more into the editorial mindset, i.e. it's about the moment, not the construction. Very happily we had Thomas with us.  

Yes, the process may  not be pretty, but then again processes in themselves are really attractive. It's the end result that counts.

Well, we did have nice picnics.

This was such an exciting moment. I felt such pride of accomplishment seeing that sign.

At the last minute, we found out there was an aisle wall to do. So we proved the old expression, necessity is the mother of invention. I went to BHV and found these silhouette chairs and sconces and said mais oui! I love that we are playing with scale and perspective in a totally surreal and playful way.

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Mélanie said...

How did Maisons et objets go ? I couldn't come this time and I would have been pleased to see your stand in person

The Devine Life said...

It went really well despite the closing for opening day. Will post pics of the completed stand and other tales of Paris soon.


It looks like a fun installation - well having friends around always makes things more amusing.

Glad to read that everything went well.

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