New Year's Harvest

For New Years eve, we decided to invite three friends up from the city.  Eddie Ross, whom I've known since his House Beautiful days, and his partner Jaithan Kochar and my long time friend Vicki Arzano.
I had decided on the menu weeks ago.  To start, a spinach soup that I love. The receipe I learned at one of the cooking classes that I've taken at the Ecole Ritz Escoffier in Paris. The main course was roasted Cornish Game Hens stuffed with red currants, white raisins and wild rice, glazed carrots, sauted mushrooms and home grown leeks. Dessert was a simple chocolate mousse with almond and orange tuiles.
One of my greatest pleasures is sharing the bounty of my garden with friends all year long. It is somewhat harder to do in the lean months of winter.  But the menu set as it was the leeks needed to be picked.

The garden under cover.

The snowy leeks.

The future braised leeks.
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Terri said...

Hello - I just came over from Eddie Ross's blog and wanted to say hello! Your blog looks lovely and interesting and I am in the market for both in 2009!

Wish I were closer to visit your store.

Hello from Canada, Terri

The Devine Life said...

Couldn't agree more. I think the whole world wants lovely and interesting things in '09 after the year we just finished!
Happy New Year.

Lauren said...

Hi Michael- Just checked out your fabrc collection. Love it. Just so beautiful & simple. Hope to use them in some upcoming projects!! Looks like New Years was a lot of fun! Happy 2009!!

The Devine Life said...

Hi Lauren-
Happy New Year to you too.
Happy you like the fabrics- just let me know if you need anything.

Homer's Odd Isn't He. said...

Happy New Year Michael,

I of course preferred that back yard while it was in full bloom. I spoke with my buddies up there over the holidays and all they could say was,"It's **!!! cold!!" Your posts show that there's still a warm place to find. Cheer's, have a great 2009. Best, Homer.

The Devine Life said...

It is still cold- we just had some awful weather that kept me in the city for an extra day- just waiting for some sun.

Mélanie said...

Even If I'm waiting to see your garden during spring time , it looks lovely with snow

The Devine Life said...

Wait until this summer!

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