Rubie Green and Samantha House Jewelry

Rubie Green textiles  and Samantha House Jewelry teamed up recently for a fun filled collection preview at New York's Lather Spa. I have known Michelle for several years ever since she was an editor for Domino Magazine. Her collection is also represented in Australia by the same group that represents mine, Oliveaux. It was really great to see Michelle launch her fabrics with such a bang. 
The place was packed with all the pretty stylish young woman that make a night out in New York, a night in New York. The spa was even giving complimentary services to the happy guests. 

Designer Michelle Adams
Truc Nguyen of Teen Vogue and Suzanne Karotkin of InStyle
Orli Ben -Dor and Samantha Emmerling of House Beautiful

Abby Tabak of House Beautiful

A very delighted cupcake lover.

The ladies waiting for their complimentary spa services.
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ALL THE BEST said...

Michelle is adorable. I love her fabrics.

Patricia Gray said...

Michelle has great fabrics and it looks like a fun event. Thanks for the pictures.

The Devine Life said...

It was a really fun event-- very New York. The fabrics are great.

Oliveaux said...

What a fabulous looking event, thanks for sharing the pictures and the mention.

MABELLE said...

Thank you so much Michael, and everybody else for your incredibly kind comments :) I could not do what I do without your support, and am incredibly appreciative.

(I'm also pumped you took party pics since I wasn't able to! Thanks again for coming- it meant the world to me:)

xo MA

katiedid said...

Looks like a fun time has by all! Her fabrics a re very pretty and can't beat the process behind it.

Jessica @ The Love List said...

Don't you love Michelle? She's my favorite - so sweet and humble even though she's obviously super talented.

The Devine Life said...

She is really great and so much fun!

Paul Pincus said...

i love michelle! she's gorgeous, talented, and nice!

great shots! looks like so much fun : )

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