1st Columbians part 2

For the 1st Columbians event last weekend, my partner Thomas Burak was asked by the charming event co chair Mrs. Minton to do the flowers for the tent and the Vanderpoel House dinner. Since we have learned long ago that using local flower resources is at most times a lot like Russian Roulet i.e. a game of chance. Several hundred Delphiniums and Lisianthus were brought up from the 28th street flower market in New York for the event. It took Thomas a day to prep them and the entire day of the event working on site arranging them. Here are the results. 

A close up of the Delphiniums that greeted the guests.

A seven foot tower of flowers was on the center of each food table.

 A few Hydrangeas and one of my new fabrics Orangerie for the bars.

The Lisianthus center pieces for the dinner tables at the unrestored Vanderpoel House dinner. The vase was distressed mercury glass which complimented the distressed state of the house.
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ALL THE BEST said...

Beautiful!! As excepted, Thomas would do any amazing job with the flowers!

katiedid said...

Those seven foot masterpieces are breathtaking!

Paul Pincus said...

so gorgeous.

Charlie said...

The Delphiniums are beautiful.

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