Vladimir Kagan Couture Collection

The notable and charming uber furniture designer Vladimir Kagan just opened a new showroom in the New York Design Center to show his Couture Collection. Mr. Kagan was holding court from a sofa in the center of the showroom, where his groupies of all ages surrounded him in true idol worship style, at last weeks opening night fete. The evening was co hosted by New York Spaces Magazine.
Vladimir Kagan

Erica Wilson, Vladimir Kagan's wife and needlework expert 

Designers Michael Rosenberg and Leonard Kowalski

Vintage Kagan Style
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katiedid said...

Wonderful! I just installed a Kagan Dining Room Table in a project I am working on. I am a great admirer.

The Devine Life said...

He's also a terrific guy-- He, his wife and I were waiting for the same plane once, while I was chatting with Erica, he disappeared and returned with breakfast for the three of us. It a great memory.

Pigtown-Design said...

I had forgotten that his wife was Erica Wilson, the needlepoint goddess!

The Devine Life said...

She is a goddess and a very charming on at that!

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