The Year in Review

2013 was a very busy year, a lot of hard work and some rather pleasing accomplishments were achieved.  I finished my first book, An Invitation to the Garden, started collaborating with the amazingly talented Marie Daage on my first collection of hand painted dinnerware. I also had the privilege of becoming a regular contributor to one of my favorite publications, Lonny.

The year is winding down with one last treat. I was given Aerin Lauder's beautiful book,  Beauty at Home as a Christmas present. Her sage advice and the beautiful photography make it a winner. I wasn’t really prepared for one of the chapters that I found in the book though. The Hamptons master bedroom chapter was a huge happy surprise. The beautiful bedroom is upholstered in one of the first fabrics I designed for my collection, Gramercy. Her description in describes the fabric perfectly, “ It’s a little French, a little early American and it reminds me of leaves.” That’s it exactly.

There’s no wall treatment quite as chic as fabric upholstered walls. 

It's also the first time I had seen the chaise in Petite Fleur.

The chocolate and white color combination is so beautiful.

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debra @ 5th and state said...


an enormous congratulations! just imagine what 2014 will bring on this wind of success!!

thrilled to be carrying your book in my shop when released. what is the chance you will be out this way for a book signing, et al?

this is our 25th year in biz and we are celebrating. all year, fingers crossed that we could be so honored. continued success to you both

The Devine Life said...


Happy New Year!
Would love to do a book signing with you! It will be a great reason to visit Grand Detour as well! Sign me up!

Best Michael

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