A Day in the Garden: Paradise pt 2

The Marble Pavilion of the Blue and white garden.
The magic and splendor of the Sonnenberg gardens is the diversity of the gardens on the estate. Drifting from one garden to the the next during our visit, we were immediately transported to a different environment in the matter of a few yards. The Blue and White garden is just off the house and features a grand pavilion and beautiful sculptures. Its classic style gives the garden room a dignified aura. Its benches invited one to pause and reflect on the beauty of the harmony of the design of the garden.

The pool in front of the pavilion features beautiful sculptures reflected in the water. 
The small pool in front of the pavilion adds to the formal style of this garden. It also apparently offers visitors an opportunity to toss pennies into it judging by the layer of coins in the bottom. Could a wish not come true when made in such a beautiful garden?

The stairs to the houses veranda.
The double stairs leading from the veranda into the garden are planted with urns of purple and white Lobellia. A summer favorite that blooms profusely and continously all season.

The Old Fashioned Garden was installed in 1906.
The Old Fashioned garden has a quarter mile of boxwood hedges in interlocking circles which are bisected by a stately white columned arbor. The flowers are punctuated with large clumps of grass which have a sculpture like effect in these beds. 
The perennials provide continuous blooms throughout the season in the Old Fashioned Garden.
A shady corner of the garden with hostas and astilbe bathed in afternoon light.
The path to the Rock Garden reminded of the movie Into to the Woods. Deep, dark and mysterious when we visited. Where was the Big Bad Wolf lurking? Didn't meet him but did have a rewarding walk through a beautiful forest. Which brought us to a clearing and a monumental stone lookout surrounded by stately pines. 

The path to the Rock Garden.
This rustic retreat was very unexpected compared with the more classic and formal nature of the other gardens on the property. The natural landscape of shady loving plants like ferns, hostas and moss contributed to the natural beauty of the place.
The stairs to the the top of the lookout.
The birdbath of the Pansy garden is in the shape of the gardens theme flower. 

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