Thank You Pretty Pink Tulips

Thank you Elizabeth for the warm review of the presentation I did for your garden club, The Little Garden Club of Rye. It was a treat to read it first thing this morning. No one had a better time than I did.  
After the presentation the charming and delightful Stephanie Hoover had Elizabeth and I over for an amazing lunch. We discussed next summers visit to my garden for the garden club and perhaps doing a tour of the gardens of the Loire Valley next year. What wasn’t to love? It was really a wonderful day.  
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Scot Meacham Wood said...

Excellent. Elizabeth is just the best!


Francine Gardner said...

Can i come and visit your garden next summer??? I will even join the garden club...Hope you can make it on the 16th for Jeffrey Bilhuber talk and book signing at interieurs.

The Devine Life said...

Eilizabeth is the best- I can't wai tto see her agin.

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