Hail to the Chief: Part 2

Tonight is the night when all the design stars will be shining brightly. Tonight is the much anticipated party of parties for the new editor in chief of Architectural Digest, Margaret Russell. When I was the party editor for HFN magazine I had the privilege of covering the party that was thrown in her honor when she became editor in chief of Elle Decor.
I thought it would be fun to take a look back at that event so I went through my vast archive et voila!
Congratulations Margaret well done!

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Stylebeat said...

This is so much fun! But seriously, where does the time GO? Looking forward to seeing you tonight and having a catch up!

Kelly Green said...

Looks as though the fabulous MR hasn't changed a bit! Have a wow of a time and come tomorrow with all the goss! KG

mydesignchic said...

Hope you take lots of photos...can't wait to see!!

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