Decking the Halls

The country tree went up yesterday. It was the perfect snowy day to go tree hunting. After several attempts at various vendors, we found ourselves at the tree farm of Julia Ainsburg just outside of town. Julia was a great help and has a wonderful selection of the small size trees we favor for our Kinderhook abode.
After inspecting many trees, all of which I wanted, we settled on "the one":  a very roly poly tree, it looks rather like the top of a very large tree. Julia cut it down for us in a few quick stokes. Off we went.
The rest of the afternoon was spent trimming the tree and watching the snow drift down on the village green. 

The tree farm entrance.

The field of Christmas' future.

Our find: the roly poly tree of the year.

Julia Ainsburg and her handy saw.

Happily trimming the tree.

We always wrap the branches with the white lights.

The finished tree.

This year we opted for a silver and crystal theme of ornaments.
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A Day That Is Dessert said...

This tree is absolutely beautiful!! I just saw it on Katiedid and had to see the history...I'm jealous - I have two little boys and we made paper chains (my six year old is driven to create).

The Devine Life said...

I think next year we may do a very, very old fashioned tree. Paper chains and strung popcorn and cranberries are decorations that I really think are great. I better get started o that in May.

columnist said...

White lights are de rigeur, and so pretty with your crystal theme. Not long to take them all down now....!

MIMILEE said...

Your tree is just gorgeous!! I love it! Just found your blog Michael through Eddie Ross. Looks like you had a lovely New Year's Eve......your table looked so beautiful!

Your store looks great too! Would love to visit sometime.

The Devine Life said...

Isn't the tree crazy? It looks like we cut off the top of a 12 foot tree. The sad day is fast approaching to put it away for next year. The wreaths on the front of the store are coming down on Tuesday - the tree next weekend.

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