Foley and Cox Home

Hudson New York has a hot new home furnishings store by the power design team, Michael Cox and Mary Foley. To kick off the opening of the glam new store Foley & Cox Home they hosted an opening party for what seemed liked hundreds of their nearest and dearest. 

One of the proud new shopkeepers, Michael Cox in front of the namesake store.
Mary Foley of the dynamic designing duo Foley & Cox
Mrs. Foley, Mary's mother
Kirby Redding and Patrick Miel
Mrs. Cox, Michael's mother

Keith Lampman

Gwen Laura Whiting heading off after the celebration dinner for a drink at the new Hudson hot spot PM. More on that in a later post.
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Kevin said...

Hi Michael,
Just read your great piece about shopping in Hudson and then the story about the Foley and Cox opening. Thank you for mentioning (p.m.) as the "new hot spot in Hudson." You should come back in and have a glass of cava with us!

Kevin said...

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