Post Awards Dinner

Public relations domino, Susan Becher’s annual post Alpha Awards meatloaf and macaroni and cheese dinner, is a very coveted invitation for those in the know. Each year she assembles a roster of media types, designers and other fascinating people for a fun night of chatting and good food. This year proved no different, among the guests were Domino Magazine Publisher Beth Brenner, designers Thomas Jayne, Thomas Burak, Carolyn Sollis, editors Carolyn Englefield of Veranda, Katherine Scully of Architectural Digest, Sabine Rothman of Traditional Home and Orli Ben-Dor of House Beautiful (who at 9:30 was dashing off for a late dinner with some friends who were visiting) to name a few.

Susan Becher overseeing the kitchen.

Man of the hour Ken Wampler of Alpha Workshops

Freddy Victoria's Mother Susan Victoria of Metropolitan Home Magazine.

Cheryl Buskin of Haviland Limoges 

David Harris of ducduc and Elizabeth Blitzer

Jenny Bradley of Traditional Home Magazine

Writer Sophie Donelson

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ALL THE BEST said...

It just keeps getting better...

The Devine Life said...

I am glad you like it. I have a lot new features that are going to start appearing in the near future. Stay tuned.

ALL THE BEST said...

Oooooh can't wait!!

SimplyGrove said...

I LOVE looking at your blog! Its like a design "US WEEKLY"!!

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